DAY 1 - SATURDAY, MARCH 11th, 2023






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        Jessica Stansberry

        Keynote: Use the Power of Video to Change Your Life


        Join us for an empowering virtual keynote session as we explore the transformative power of video with our guest speaker, Jessica Stansberry, a small-town girl who turned her dreams into reality using this incredible medium. Learn how she overcame limitations and obstacles to create a life of her own design, and discover how you can do the same. This session will inspire and motivate you to say goodbye to excuses, tune out the negativity, and harness the power of video to change your life and the lives of millions of others.

        During this keynote, you’ll discover the secrets to creating an impact with video, no matter how small your following may be. Our speaker will share her own success stories and provide practical tips and strategies that will help you to develop your own unique voice and style. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a newbie to the world of video, you’ll walk away from this session with actionable insights that will help you to make a positive impact in the world and achieve your goals.

        Say goodbye to the naysayers and hello to a world of possibilities with the power of video.

        Limitless Leads by going Viral on TikTok


        I will be talking about the value of short form video and how it can be repurposed across all social media platforms & the power of growing on all platforms right now with short video.

        Salma Jafri

        SCRIPTWRITING FOR ENGAGEMENT: Formulas to Maximize Views, Retention and Bingeability


        If watch time is the most important metric on YouTube, then the longer you can keep people watching, the more likely the platform is to promote your content and the more likely your audience is to trust you and buy from you. 

        So it’s definitely a win-win-win strategy to optimize your videos for engagement & retention. And to do that you need to know what words will hook people in within the first few seconds, what will keep them watching through the meat of your content and what will persuade them to take action at the end of your videos. You need engagement triggers at each stage of your video and this session will show you exactly how and what those triggers should be throughout your video script.

        Unlock the Power of Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing


        Affiliate marketing allows you to make 5, 6, or even 7 figures and you can start doing it from day one of being a creator. In the sessions, learn how to properly add another stream of income into your business through affiliate commissions. We will not only cover how to do this correctly but also how to turn your best affiliate partners into paying sponsors. Additionally, we will cover how to optimize and maximize your monthly income with affiliate marketing. The do’s and don’ts, setting expectations, and turning an affiliate partner into a recurring paid sponsor.

        Get Noticed: Using Instagram Video to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace


        What goes into a successful Reel? We’re going beyond the basics of the “how to” t figure out how to use the algorithm to our advantage, keep viewers on our videos for longer and get more views!

        Breaking Into The Travel Niche


        Learn where to start when breaking into travel content creation. Visitors will learn briefly about brand building and gain the foundation on how to start creating travel content, along with tools to help them.

        Creator to Media Mogul: The Evolution of the Modern Video Creator


        In this talk, we’ll dive into the journey from picking up a camera and creating a YouTube video to monetizing your content and becoming a media mogul through multiple revenue streams, syndication, and off-platform monetization.

        3 Secrets to Drive Business Engagement with Live Streaming Video


        Being a Successful Beauty Influencer


        What does it mean to be a successful beauty influencer today? Some beauty influencers have blown up on TikTok, while others have built an engaged following over many years on YouTube. From understanding all of the many beauty brands and products to getting your audience to buy based on your recommendations, beauty is one of the most profitable niches for influencers. In today’s session we’re talking all things beauty content – from choosing the right platform and deciding on your mission as a creator, to building an engaged community online, and ultimately finding ways to monetize from a creator who has been in the industry for a decade.
        Dr. Shamieka Dean

        Market like a Mogul: How to build a six figure program launch without using ads


        In this session, I’ll share with attendees how to use organic marketing methods to build a six-figure program launch.

        StreamYard: Simplifying Video Production


        This session focuses on the challenges of video production and how StreamYard simplifies the technical aspects of the process, making it easier for content creators to engage with audiences and produce high-quality video content. We will explore the StreamYard platform and its key features such as multi-streaming, screen sharing, and virtual backgrounds, and provide best practices for creating a productive workspace, repurposing content, and engaging with audiences. Attendees will gain a clear understanding of how StreamYard can help overcome the challenges of video production and will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to create engaging and compelling video content with ease.

        Stop Ignoring YouTube shorts!


        YouTube Shorts, Monetization updates, tips, and why you should be using them.

        Understanding Creator Taxes


        Learn the basics of self employed taxation, the benefit of S Corporation status and how to pay the IRS less in taxes!

        Attracting Brand Sponsorships in Today's Creator Economy


        Coming Soon

        3 Tips to Build Visibility with Video on Linkedin


        Video marketing is an explosive tool. However it is a tool that has the most hesitation to use. Many do not want to go live or use video to post on their social media due to fear or limiting belief. Using video and live streaming will help you build a stronger connection with your potential client once you understand what is holding you back.

        Influencer Insurance


        A discussion around the business risks content creators face online and how they can protect their individual brand when posting online and working with brands.

        Top 5 Merch Mistakes Creators Make (and how to fix them)


        How can a creator with under 1,000 subscribers outsell a creator with 7 million? Lauren will share data and insights on what really works when selling merch so you can walk away with a successful strategy.
        Marissa Romero

        4 Assets that grow your YouTube Business to 6&7 Figures, without the burnout


        Congratulations, you’ve made it as a successful YouTube content creator and business owner only to feel handcuffed to the hustle and grind of maintaining what you’ve built. Imagine a YouTube business that supports your dream lifestyle and allows you to work less without sacrificing revenue or your integrity to your clients. In this presentation, you’ll learn the four assets it takes to have a sustainable YouTube business that is an absolute joy to run so you can step into those CEO creator shoes and out of the overwhelm hamster wheel.

        Unlocking the Secrets to Growing an Education Channel on YouTube!


        Building an educational based Youtube channel is a great way to help solve problems for viewers, but how do you grow a channel that has a repeat audience? Builds a community? Makes you money? In this session you will learn how to build an education channel that gets people coming back, has steady growth, and has lucrative opportunities for your future.
        Jessica Stansberry

        How to Turn Video Views Into $$$ By Selling Online Courses & Digital Products


        Everybody has a digital product and online course in them and it could be your path to a six-figure income! In this session, let’s deep dive into how to turn your videos view into sales with a secret formula, identifying who you person is (and what they buy), along with how to easily create digital products.