Prioritizing Video Content and Personal Branding for Business Growth

Prioritizing Video Content and Personal Branding for Business Growth

Get ready for an inspiring episode of the Women of YouTube podcast, where I sit down with the incredible Helen Morrison, the fifth-generation female business owner of Frownies. Join us as we dive into the transformative power of video in forging connections and revitalizing businesses for the modern era. Helen shares the captivating story of how her great-grandmother pioneered Frownies to combat wrinkles and expression lines, and we explore the evolution of this iconic brand over the years. With a keen emphasis on authenticity and genuine passion, Helen dishes on the importance of collaborating with creators and nurturing a thriving community. Plus, she sheds light on why businesses must prioritize video content and personal branding to establish meaningful connections with customers. Get ready to be inspired and empowered to make your mark in the world of video and beyond!

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00:00 Prioritizing Video Content and Personal Branding for Business Growth Intro

03:11 The Power of Video in Making Connections

14:01 Creating a Buzz

25:03 Building Lasting Relationships with Customers

35:39 Seeking Long Term Brand Partnerships

42:28 The Importance of Making Video Content a Priority