Build Successfully on TikTok & Knowing Your Worth

Build Successfully on TikTok & Knowing Your Worth

Taz and Alessia have been creating content on TikTok for over four and a half years and have built a successful brand. They started by posting for fun and eventually started getting brand collaborations. They have diversified their income streams by creating a community app, exploring ad revenue on YouTube and Snapchat, and offering speaking and coaching services. They are also looking to develop revenue from YouTube and Facebook ads. They emphasize the importance of staying consistent, being true to yourself, and enjoying what you do. In this conversation, Taz and Alessia discuss their experience using Pinterest as a creator and the struggles they have faced on their creative journey. They highlight the importance of taking breaks and setting up systems in your business to allow for mental health and personal time. They also touch on the challenges of valuing your worth as a creator and the need for inclusivity in the industry. Overall, they emphasize the importance of knowing your worth, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care.

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00:00 Introduction to the Three-Week Rerun Series

07:41 Showing Different Parts of Your Personality on Different Platforms

24:57 Income Streams: Brand Partnerships, Live Streaming, Team Tanda App, and Ad Revenue

34:48 Struggles on the Creator Journey

45:51 Overcoming Money Blocks and Asking for Fair Compensation

52:50 The Importance of Inclusivity and Diversity