Unveiling Heather’s Journey from Mommy Blogger to Influencer Extraordinaire

Unveiling Heather's Journey from Mommy Blogger to Influencer Extraordinaire

Get ready for an eye-opening episode as I sit down with Heather, a remarkable YouTuber and influencer, to uncover her journey of motherhood intertwined with content creation. Heather spills the tea on how she stumbled upon the Amazon Influencer program, transforming her passion into a lucrative income stream through videos and reviews. From ditching janky phone recordings to crafting high-quality influencer content, Heather dishes on the evolution of her brand and how she started charging brands for her expertise. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; we dive into the booming world of mommy bloggers and how Heather channels her content to fuel her wanderlust. Join us as we delve into the nitty-gritty, from setting rates and packages to mastering affiliate marketing and turning opportunities into income. If you’re looking to kickstart your journey as a content creator, Heather’s got the insider advice you need to thrive. It’s a conversation bursting with insights, wisdom, and actionable tips you won’t want to miss!


  • Starting a YouTube channel and blogging can be a great way for moms to make extra income and stay connected.
  • The Amazon Influencer program can be a lucrative opportunity for influencers to earn income through videos and reviews.
  • Transitioning from janky phone videos to high-quality influencer videos can lead to increased success and higher earnings.
  • Mommy bloggers played a significant role in the influencer marketing industry and paved the way for other creators. When setting rates, it’s important to value your time and expertise. As you grow, your rates can increase.
  • Investing in higher quality videos can lead to better sales and more value for your audience.
  • Affiliate marketing can be a valuable source of income, but it’s important to choose programs that align with your brand and offer fair commissions.
  • Bridging influencer marketing and Japan Fam can be challenging, but focusing on a specific niche and pitching relevant opportunities can lead to success.
  • Opportunities as a content creator can be turned into income through strategic partnerships, tax deductions, and leveraging your expertise.
  • The best time to start as a content creator is now. Take advantage of free resources, join supportive communities, and focus on providing value to your audience.

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00:00 Introduction

02:05 Starting a YouTube Channel and Blogging

07:07 Discovering the Amazon Influencer Program

08:59 Starting a Hair Channel

10:28 The Rise of Mommy Bloggers

12:20 Transitioning to Video Content

14:14 Using Content to Support Travel Addiction

26:01 Transitioning to High-Quality Influencer Videos

27:49 Setting Rates and Packages

32:08 Improving Video Quality

34:29 Affiliate Marketing

41:57 Bridging Influencer Marketing and Japan Fam

46:16 Turning Opportunities into Income

51:54 Advice for Getting Started