When You’re Doing Youtube Wrong with Desiree Martinez

When You're Doing Youtube Wrong with Desiree Martinez

Hold onto your headphones because, in this heart-to-heart episode, I’m peeling back the curtain on my personal journey and the raw challenges I’ve faced with my YouTube channel. Join me as I navigate the ever-shifting landscape of YouTube and spill the tea on its profound impact on us content creators. I’m laying it all out, sharing my quest for advice and guidance from the pros, and baring my soul on the importance of re-aligning with the core purpose of my channel. Tune in as I shine a spotlight on YouTube’s pivotal role as a lead funnel for my business and the imperative need to breathe new life into my email list. I’ll be real with you about the mistakes I’ve made and drop some truth bombs on bouncing back and regaining focus. Get ready for an authentic, vulnerable journey filled with insights and lessons that’ll resonate with every creator hustling in the digital realm.


  • YouTube is a dynamic platform with evolving trends and expectations for content creators.
  • It is important to align the purpose of your YouTube channel with your overall business goals.
  • Building a personal brand on YouTube requires a clear niche and consistent content.
  • Reviving and nurturing your email list can be a valuable tool for connecting with your audience.

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00:00 Introduction

01:12 Personal Journey and Challenges

03:07 The Changing Landscape of YouTube

07:23 Seeking Advice and Guidance

09:20 Realigning with the Purpose of the Channel

13:02 YouTube as a Lead Funnel for Business

17:55 Reviving the Email List

22:14 Learning from Mistakes and Getting Back on Track

24:19 Conclusion