202: A Women of Video Listener Story with Marlene

202: A Women of Video Listener Story with Marlene

Marlene started her career as a certified professional dog walker in the dog loving city of San Francisco. She has owned, walked, boarded and spoiled pups for 20+ years. Marlene’s experience includes: walking off and on leash packs, solo walks, pet transportation and pet boarding. She is also a dog owner of two amazing mini schnauzers, and she has a passion for any and everything dog related. Marlene has taken that passion and created a career that she absolutely loves!

In this special episode, we turn the spotlight on one incredible listener who’s turning inspiration into action! Join me as we sit down with a phenomenal member of our community, sharing her personal journey, takeaways, and the remarkable successes that have blossomed from applying the wisdom gleaned from the Women of Video Podcast. From transformative insights to seizing newfound opportunities, this interview is a testament to the power of knowledge and community support. Get ready for a dose of inspiration as we delve into real experiences, lessons learned, and the tangible impact that embracing the Women of Video wisdom can have on your creative and professional endeavors. It’s a celebration of growth, empowerment, and the vibrant community we’re building together!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast Intro

03:10 – Meet Marlene

06:12 – Marlene’s favorite Women of Video takeaways as a creator

08:10 – The impact of in person marketing

15:16 – Applying the information to support your business

19:39 – Marlene’s pipeline process

21:51 – Additions to incorporate into your business

22:39 – Where you can find Marlene