197: Rebranding & Expanding Your Creator Life with Lisa Jean Francois

197: Rebranding & Expanding Your Creator Life with Lisa Jean Francois

Almost 10 years ago Lisa decided to become a beauty and fashion blogger. While it was fun dressing up and playing with makeup for a living Lisa always felt sort of silly vying for attention that was based solely on her looks. Lisa made a pivot in her content and moved solely to spreading the message of Conscious Parenting and did so with incredible success.

In this episode, we’re spilling the tea on how to steer clear of that dreaded burnout and make a triumphant U-turn in your content creation journey! We’ll uncover the secrets to reinvigorating your creative spark and keeping your passion alive.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast Intro

03:09 – Meet Lisa

08:11 – How Lisa started in fashion and beauty

13:55 – The pivot point

28:37 – How to change your brand online

35:13 – Evolving your business with your brand

43:46 – Advice for the What’s Next Era