195: #1 Reason Youtubers Fail (and don’t make money)

195: #1 Reason Youtubers Fail (and don’t make money)

Are you feeling like you’re failing on Youtube? Like you aren’t getting the views and engagement you know your content deserves? In this episode I am spilling the tea on why some YouTubers are still on the struggle bus and dishing out the business smarts behind being a content creator. I am diving deep into what creators are doing wrong, diversifying your income streams, and owning your audience through an email list. So, grab your headphones, your favorite beverage, and let’s chat about why we’re all here – making content, making money, and having a blast while doing it! 

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast Intro

03:47 – Why I think Youtubers are failing

09:55 – The business of being a creator

16:25 – Diversify your income streams

18:57 – Own your audience