153: Maximize Your Income Through Your Passion with Brooke Robinson

153: Maximize Your Income Through Your Passion with Brooke Robinson

Brooke is a Fitness & Community Creator. She is passionate about women owning their health journey and having a community to support them. Brooke has a background in art and drama and after spending 10 years as a local gym instructor, she knew that she could serve more women by creating online workout videos for them. Brooke has a community of women who workout and share their successes and struggles inside her “Tribe Community” daily at https://btribalfit.com/posts. Brooke is a mom of 3 and she co-runs her business alongside her husband Finley.

Brooke joins me to deep dive into building a business from your tribe. Brooke is an amazing creator with a modest following that has allowed her to fulfill her passion to teach others that they are strong, worthy, and beautiful through fitness and health. Brooke shares how she earns an income through memberships, stays true to herself, and leans into her tribe!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast Intro

06:04 – Meet Brooke

13:32 – Overcoming the pressure to be the best

22:50 – Building a business from your tribe

33:09 – How Brooke makes a full time income

41:40 – Staying motivated to keep going

47:43 – Brooke’s best advice

51:36 – Rapid fire fun

56:54 – Where you can find Brooke