147: Creators Pave The Way For Big Changes

147: Creators Pave The Way For Big Changes

Your opinion matters and some companies are moving towards a creator focused business model that is changing the way they do business. I am honored to be part of Spreadshop’s Board of Creators alongside some of the top creators on Youtube. This Board of Creators is working with Spreadshop to bring their customers the exact things they need to build a successful business. Join me as I break down how Spreadshop is listening to its customers (us creators) and how creators are paving the way for big changes!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

05:05 – The board of creators for Spreadshop

09:51 – Why the board of creators is amazing

19:18 – Using TikTok to build on Amazon

22:02 – Working with your spouse

24:50 – Advice for creators getting their spouses on board with their creating

29:01 – One of Amy Jo’s biggest struggles