130: Emily – Making content accessible to everyone

Emily - Making content accessible to everyone

Emily was diagnosed with moderate to severe bilateral (in both ears), congenital (genetic), sensorineural hearing loss at birth to parents that did not have hearing loss. Her hearing loss has educated her in ways hearing people would not understand – what it is like to feel different and more. Emily felt she could lend a unique voice of support for parents from a child’s perspective so she started her channel as a resource for ears and all things hearing from a girl who has hearing loss herself.

In this episode, I sit down with Emily to deep dive into what it is like being a creator with a hearing disability. We discuss how she reaches her audience, how other creators can be more inclusive to those with hearing disabilities, and what it’s like to be growing in a micro niche.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

02:55 – Meet Emily

05:22 – How creators can be better for the hearing impaired community

08:00 – Emily’s unique thumbnail strategy

11:03 – How business and income works for Emily

13:36 – Growing in a micro niche

16:24 – Emily’s advice for creators

21:02 – How to be a champion for those with hearing loss

22:03 – The importance of engaging with your audience

23:54 – Being successful despite life