129: Joshuanette Francis – Do the Most

129: Joshuanette Francis - Do the Most

Joshuanette was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis at 24. When I was first diagnosed, she continued with life, however as she progressed she has been forced to alter her life. Joshuanette has found herself on a path to “DO THE MOST.” She is sharing her journey of hiking and exploring all the exotic trails and breathtaking beaches of Antigua and Bermuda.

In this episode, I sit down with Joshuanette to deep dive into her life changing diagnosis of osteoarthritis and how she is using Youtube to share her journey, inspire and encourage others, and her vision to give back to her communities. 

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

04:51 – Meet Joshuanette

08:40 – How her diagnosis has motivated her to live to the fullest

12:25 – How Joshuanette began sharing her journey on Youtube

17:58 – Joshuanette’s vision for her channel and business

23:38 – Biggest mistakes creators make

27:55 – Rapid fire fun

28:40 – Where you can connect with Joshuanette 

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