128: Amazon Influencer Program

128: Amazon Influencer Program

I have made over $6,000 in three months with the Amazon influencer program and I want to share how you can find MAJOR success with it too!
In this episode, I break down how to apply for the Amazon Influencer Program, what they are looking for in their influencers, shoppable videos, and break down the finances and income. 

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

01:58 – Amazon Associates Program 

04:03 – Amazon Video Influencer Program – What it is and how to apply

07:00 – How you make money with the Amazon Influencer Program

10:04 – Shoppable videos – where the money is!

13:13 – How to be successful

16:35 – How I got started with Amazon Influencer Program

23:18 – The logistics you need to know

27:24 – How often should you post

28:20 – Make sure you are still diversifying 

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