127: Create and Sell Merchandise Like a Pro

127: Create and Sell Merchandise Like a Pro

Spreadshop is a free online Shop platform powered by Spreadshirt. You’ll receive your own URL and a professional, customizable shop system, giving you the tools needed to start your own online merch business. You are completely in control meaning you set your retail prices, schedule discount campaigns, and modify your storefront to match your brand.

In this episode, I sit down with Lauren and Brooke from Spreadshop to talk all things merch! Brook, Lauren, and I deep dive into what it takes to create merchandise your audience will love and best of all, BUY! They share how you can get started, the tools available to you to create killer designs, and how to keep people coming back for more.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

03:28 – Meet Lauren and Brooke

04:15 – What is Spreadshop and why should you use it

07:21 – How merch can be successful for you as an income stream

19:12 – How to keep people coming back to your store

23:43 – Tactics for successful selling

29:14 – Mistakes to avoid

35:15 –  Everything you need to know about Spreadshop


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