126: Melanie Renee – Using Your Struggles to Help Others

26: Melanie Renee - Using Your Struggles to Help Others

Melanie Renee is a content creator specialist and entrepreneur whose work focuses on humanizing hoarding disorder. She is the founder of “A Hoarder’s Heart” with millions of views on her successful YouTube Channel. She shares intimate emotions, thoughts and the attachments created to the hoarded items. She has successfully decluttered thousands of items from her home and is currently developing declutter strategies that worked for her hoarding disorder to share with others.

In this episode, I sit down with Melanie to deep dive into what it is like to share deep, emotional parts of your life and how to be vulnerable while helping others. Melanie and I chat about how she has humanized hoarding disorder and created a place for support and strategies to help others with the same struggles.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

03:53 – Meet Melanie

04:35 – How Melanie found she can help others

11:10 – The inspiration to change

15:20 – Helping others through Youtube

17:10 – Melanie’s most successful videos

18:18 – Turning your channel into a business

23:05 –  How Melanie has overcome obstacles

26:40 – Rapid fire fun

29:20 – Melanie’s advice for creators 

32:48 – Where you can find Melanie

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