124: Trui – Gaming on Twitch

124: Trui - Gaming on Twitch

Trui is a Twitch streamer who’s passionate about helping fellow streamers out! Trui has experienced the many hurdles and pitfalls of streaming herself and now spends her time teaching others all the things she’s learned on the way. She hosts her channel with the intention of providing technical help, tips and tricks and other knowledge useful to any streamer. Though Trui herself streams on Twitch, her ideas generally apply to Facebook Gaming/Youtube/Dlive streamers as well. Stream Smarter Not Harder!


In this episode, I sit down with Trui to deep dive into what it is like being a female creator in the gaming space. We talk about the ups and downs of each platform, how you can grow on Youtube and Twitch, and her passion for helping others. 

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

02:36 – Meet Trui

05:00 – How Trui’s journey began

06:45 – What it’s like to be a female on Twitch

12:45 – What lead Trui to creating

16:43 – What you should know when considering Twitch

19:50 – How Trui earns income

22:30 – Best advice for creators

26:27 – Rapid fire fun

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