122: Gwen Miller – Create the lifestyle you want

122: Gwen Miller - Create the lifestyle you want

Gwen Miller is Sr. Director, YouTube Strategy at Hearst. She specializes in working with creatives to use data-driven insights to create high-quality digital programming, crafted to super-serve each show’s unique, one-of-a-kind audience.In her free time, Gwen attempts to find out how many books it’s feasible to read in one year (at last count: 240) and plays D&D.


In this episode, I sit down with Gwen to deep dive into breaking down data, following your passion but keeping your audience, and the importance of being bold on Youtube with your content. Gwen breaks down how to leverage your channel, adjust to changes in your audience and passions, and create the lifestyle you want with Youtube.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

02:41 – Meet Gwen

06:50 – How Gwen started with Youtube

10:10 – What Gwen does to make successful channels

13:29 – How to use your data to create successful content

23:17 – How do we know we are making the right decisions

29:40 – Gwen’s best advice for creators

39:40 – How Gwen earns income

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