119: Molly Mahoney – Go Live and Monetize (pt. 2 – vertical video)

118: Molly Mahoney - Go Live and Monetize (pt. 1)

Molly Mahoney (known as The Prepared Performer) is a social media growth strategist who specializes in creating authentic  Video Content and leveraging Organic Social Media Marketing and Automation to skyrocket client sales. After creating a video that reached one million people organically, she developed her signature “Go Live And Monetize” method. It combines her social media expertise, talent for scaling one-on-one relationships, and twenty years of performance experience on stages from New York to Las Vegas. Molly is the host of “Camera Confidence Live,” has been a speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion Summit,  VidSummit, and Social Media Week Austin, and has been featured in publications such as Inc magazine, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

Molly wears many hats with ease, confidence, and a dash of style and glamour, whether it is of a social content strategist, influencer marketing consultant, social media growth strategist, performer, or as a wife or mama! When she’s not helping her clients attract a flood of leads, you can find her singing jazz with her bass-playing husband or teaching her kids #stand4joy from their home in California.


In this episode, I sit down with Molly to deep dive into Facebook Reel strategies. In this bonus episode with Molly you will learn how she made over $23K from one reel, how you can apply for creator status, and the three types of short form videos you should post to hit the ground running!

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Create Reels for your Facebook Page

Why TikTok Sucks

How to apply for Facebook creator status


Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

03:30 – Making over $23,000 for 14 seconds of video

05:45 – How to make money on Facebook and qualify for creator status

12:20 – How to get started with Reels on Facebook

15:17 – Rapid fire fun

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