116: Princess Etch – Making a living from a child’s toy

116: Princess Etch - Making a living from a child’s toy

Jane is Princess Etch, and she plays with an Etch A Sketch for a living! She has had the incredible opportunity to work with notable clients such as Disney, Marvel, Cartoon Network, MTV, Callaway Golf, Toys R Us, Netflix, and more! For over 12 years Jane had less than 500 subscribers on her channel and one day, as she says, the algorithm gods arbitrarily blessed her and she’s been haphazardly attempting to repeat that success ever since. One time YouTube even sent her a cake!

In this episode, I sit down with Jane to learn about how she has become a successful creator, venturing into shorts and TikTok, and how she has worked with companies like Disney, IBM, and her focus on creating quality content that doesn’t have to be perfect.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

02:07 – Meet Jane

05:20 – Being an Upcoming Creator

08:15 – Breaking the habit of perfection paralyzation 

15:18 – Jane’s business opportunities from Youtube and TikTok

20:15 – How Jane supplements her business 

27:55 – The biggest mistakes creators are making

31:55 – Rapid fire fun

35:58 – Where you can find Jane

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