114: Deana Blondell – Dream Big & Do What Makes You Happy

114: Deana Blondell - Dream Big & Do What Makes You Happy

Deana is a practicing witch, bird mom, and psychology nerd. She has a degree in psychology and though she loves learning about science, she believes there is more to life than we understand. Deanna has been interested in the paranormal, the universe and contemplating philosophical and existential questions her whole life, but her spiritual journey is a more recent one that she’s discovered over the last 4 years. Her Youtube channel has been a big part of her journey and she enjoys sharing information that has been helpful to her, that she knows someone else will also benefit from.

In this episode, I sit down with Deana to talk about her spirituality, witchcraft, and mental health channel on Youtube. We discuss how challenging it can be to create on Youtube full time, what it is like to be in a very small niche, and her big dreams!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

02:00 – Meet Deana

05:10 – Creating for business

06:15 – The challenges Deana has faced

08:20 – How to educate with love

12:47 – Deana’s encouragement for non-typical niches 

19:50 – Rapid fire fun

24:22 – Where you can find Deana

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