104: Kimmy Huges – Growing Your Community with Authenticity

104: Kimmy Huges - Growing Your Community with Authenticity

Kimmy, creator of She’s in her apron, is a busy wife, mom & homemaker like a lot of you!  Kimmy loves sharing what she’s loving, learning, and implementing in her life. Kimmy strives to POP (Progress Over Perfection) in her everyday doings. She is on a mission to organize my home/life, prepare my family yummy meals like freezer meals, slow cooker recipes, sheet pan dinners and make ahead meals. I love sharing how to start an extended pantry and long-term food storage. 

In this episode, I sit down with Kimmy to dive into overcoming stereotypes, authenticity, and fears. Kimmy and I chat about how important and incredible your community is and how to focus on giving them the value they deserve.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

03:47 – Meet Kimmy

06:55 – Everyone is a homemaker

10:50 – Overcoming feminist and traditional objections

13:48 – Kimmy’s favorite and least favorite homemaking tasks

18:25 – How Kimmy is building her business

22:10 – Facing the fear of letting your audience down

27:00 – Rapid fire fun

33:05 – Kimmy’s next goals

36:17 – Advice to new creators

38:30 – Where you can find Kimmy

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