098: Janiel Green – Having a full time career and Youtube

098: Janiel Green – Having a full time career and Youtube

Janiel Green is a full time Physician Assistant and Youtube creator. People and human connection mean more to Janiel than anything, and being able to be a safe person to have tough conversations with is something she strives for. Out of that passion, Janiel created her channel Culture Trekking.

In this episode, I sit down with Janiel to deep dive into what it’s like to inspire people on the inside to better explore the outside through cultural connections and sustainable adventures. Janiel is intensely passionate about sharing stories that aren’t already all over the internet and really strives to give a voice to marginalized voices from around the world, especially indigenous and black voices.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

03:22 – Meet Janiel

04:36 – What is Culture Trekking

05:33 – How to Youtube and work full time

9:10 – How trauma lead Janiel to Youtube for healing

11:00 – How Janiel can work full time and travel

13:15 – How Janiel manages her Youtube channel

17:50 – Janiel’s advice for growing Youtube creators

22:37 – Rapid fire fun

25:25 – Where to find Janiel

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