095: Frederique Bros – Making Youtube Sustainable

095: Frederique Bros - Making Youtube Sustainable

Frederique Bros is back! Frederique joined me before to talk about fashion and lifestyle channels and is back to share how she has pivoted her channel and now coaches others how to get into the fashion and lifestyle niche. Frederique started her Youtube channel from scratch last year and turned it into a sustainable business with over 120K followers in August 2021. Frederique has now created a master class for new Youtubers to learn from her and set themselves up for incredible success.

In this episode, I sit down with Frederique to dive into how she has found success in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle niche on Youtube. We discuss how she grew a successful channel and how she is using that experience and knowledge to teach new creators how to be successful.

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Listen to Frederique’s previous episode: https://womenofyoutube.com/ep070-frederique-bros-love-yourself-into-success/ 


Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

02:44 – Meet Frederique

04:50 – How to get clear on who you are talking to

10:10 – Being contagiously happy and authentically you

12:30 – How do we create what our audience wants to see

24:10 – What are the biggest mistakes made by beauty and lifestyle creators

32:29 – The opportunity to diversify your income

39:05 – Frederique’s best advice for new creators

42:03 – Frederique’s master class

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