092: Melody Johnson – Amazon Live

092: Melody Johnson - Amazon Live

As a former educator, Melody Johnson escaped the classroom and began to teach reading intervention strategies online to both parents, teachers, and students! Along with running a reading intervention company, she also runs a great creators community with almost 800 creators from Amazon Live. There I conduct personalized coaching, offer creative ways to keep the community growing and give back to the community through free training. Melody celebrates diversity in the community and the ability to voice the deepest concerns, all the way to collaborating with brands.

In this episode, I sit down with Melody to deep dive into Amazon Live. We discuss how Amazon Live functions, how to get started, how to make brand deals, and so much more. Melody is so passionate about Amazon Live and the opportunities it creates.

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Time Stamps:

 00:00 – Podcast topic intro

03:42 – Meet Melody

04:18 – How Melody got started on Youtube

05:45 – What does Amazon Live offer that Youtube can’t

08:46 – How do you get started with Amazon Live

10:20 – How do I stream with Amazon Live

15:06 – Melody’s tips for joining Amazon Live

21:55 – Who is watching Amazon Live

26:25 – How to negotiate and land brand deals

33:06 – Building relationships

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