089: Jay Jay – Leveraging Pinterest for Youtube

089: Jay Jay - Leveraging Pinterest for Youtube

Jay Jay Ghatt is a Pinterest marketer and content creator on Youtube and Clubhouse. Jay Jay found that since Pinterest is a great search engine and that people were looking to grow their channel using that method.

In this episode, I sit down with Jay Jay to dive deep into how Pinterest can be an incredible tool to grow your Youtube channel. We discuss how to optimize your video, how to keyword search specifically for Pinterest, and how to direct your Pinterest traffic to your channel.

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Time Stamps:

 00:00 – Podcast topic intro

04:11 – Meet Jay Jay

05:18 – What is Pinterest marketing?

08:05 – Why would we use Pinterest to grow our Pinterest?

10:53 – Step by step instructions to using Pinterest to drive Youtube traffic

28:40 – How Youtube brings Jay Jay income

32:00 – What mistakes do creators make?

38:30 – Rapid fire fun 

39:42 – Where you can find Jay Jay

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