087: Desiree Martinez – How to make money on Youtube

087: Desiree Martinez - How to make money on Youtube

I launched my marketing agency in 2015 and within 18 months found out that our family was moving to South Korea with the Air Force. In August 2017 I launched my Youtube channel and it was awful, but I did it! And I kept doing it. My Youtube channel became the way I generated leads for my agency and built my email list leading to the bread winning income I now make.

In this episode, I sit down with you to discuss Youtube and money one on one. We deep dive into how you can start bringing in income with Youtube, how to stay connected to your audience, the different sources of income, and how to make money from Youtube.

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Time Stamps:

 00:00 – Podcast topic intro

01:13 – Youtube and Money

04:30 – How I got started on Youtube and bring income

06:49 – Stay connected to your audience

09:07 – Give value to your audience

10:52 – Available revenue options

13:15 – Sponsorships and affiliates

18:39 – How to approach a sponsor

19:55 – Adsense

22:15 – Physical products

23:49 – Conclusion

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