086: Kay Patterson – Organizing Youtube

086: Kay Patterson - Organizing Youtube

Kay Peterson is a professional organizer and classical singer for over 10 years helping people deal with clutter and bringing neatness and joy to people in Boston and beyond. Kay publishes incredibly soothing videos on home organizing, home decorating, lifestyle and motivation. Kay loves to share how she keeps her home functioning, stylish and how she stays motivated and optimistic in a world full of distractions.

In this episode, we dive in with Kay to organize Youtube. We discuss how Kay’s video to help clients use a product turned into a beautiful business. Kay has had some incredible opportunities, learned from her mistakes, and shares with you how she has grown her business and generates income.

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Time Stamps:

 00:00 – Podcast topic intro

02:56 – Meet Kay

04:47 – Kay’s Youtube channel for organizing

06:00 – Kay’s best advice for creator organization

08:22 – Successful Youtube descriptions

10:01 – Turing an accidental video into a business

12:15 – Using Youtube as a tool

13:50 – How Kay has learned from her mistakes

18:35 – How to optimize and plan out your shots

24:09 – How Kay generates income

25:20 – The coolest thing as a creator

27:15 – The best thing you can do for your videos

30:46 – Rapid fire fun

33:21 – Where you can find Kay

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