083: Lisa Peterson – Making Youtube Cheesy

083: Lisa Peterson - Making Youtube Cheesy

Lisa’s Youtube journey began with pictures of cheese. Lisa was having a blast making cheese in her kitchen and her followers began to ask how she did it. Her husband actually sent her to Youtube school to get started! Since then she has built a successful, and delicious, channel with one video a month!

In this episode, we dive in with Lisa to talk about all things cheesy Youtube! Lisa shares the amazing, family centered way she got into cheese making. We talk about her biggest takeaways from Youtube school and her ambition to take her cheese making channel from hobby to business.

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Time Stamps:

 00:00 – Podcast topic intro

05:00 – Meet Lisa

06:15 – What happens at Youtube school

9:15 – Those who like to eat cheese and those who like to make it

17:48 – Keeping the pressure low

23:28 – Staying organized with multiple filmings at the same time

27:32 – From hobby to business

30:18 – The cheese niche 

32:07 – The biggest mistakes Youtubers make

34:15 – Stretching her reach with cheese

38:35 – Where you can find Lisa


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