082: Chantelle Hills – Crafting Community

082: Chantelle Hills - Crafting Community

Chantel began her business, Fiberific about 10 years before she discovered Youtube. Her business began at trade shows and craft shows selling her yarn and showing people how to use their equipment. She discovered the same lady kept coming back and decided the best way to help her was a video. She began with a test video to help people use her products and the rest is incredible history!

In this episode, we dive in with Chantel to talk about how she helps people create and learn how to create their own work. Chantel has a beautiful heart for creating a community for her yarn enthusiasts of all skill levels. 

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Time Stamps:

 00:00 – Podcast topic intro

04:40 – Meet Chantel

08:01 – Being a stay at home work-a-holic

12:05 – Chantel’s transition to livestreaming on Youtube

18:48 – The money part of Youtube

21:15 – When to know you’re ready to upgrade

29:00- The changes of your journey

31:18 – Keeping your eggs in more than one basket

32:40 – Building community

42:25 – Becoming camera shy 

43:00 – Rapid fire fun

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