081: Sheryl Loch – Women and Low Riders

081: Sheryl Loch - Women and Low Riders

Sheryl is a BA, 55 year old, rocking the Youtubes on her car channel. Sheryl is one of the best examples of setting your mind to your goal and achieving it. Sheryl began her channel by accident, she grew up going to car shows with her dad and fell in love with them. She began by taking pictures at car shows and moved into the video space a couple of years ago, with just a cell phone!  

In this episode, we dive in with Sheryl to talk about her passion for cars, breaking down the barriers between women and cars, and how an offer from LowRider Magazine took her from fun, here and their shows, to every weekend shows and event promotions.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topic intro

05:34 – Meet Sheryl

06:35 – Boredom set in

07:30 – Finding her space in low riders and rat rods

12:07 – Playing into the stereotype of women and cars

13:33 – Sheryl’s brand and goals

16:40 – The online culture

18:20 – You’re never too old for Youtube

24:26 – The most important thing to start with

27:10 – Sheryl’s mistakes and lessons

28:10 – Rapid fire fun

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