078: Marielle Hénault – Bringing Mermaids to the World

078: Marielle Hénault - Bringing Mermaids to the World

Marielle is a real life mermaid who is living her best life sharing mermaids with the world! Marielle shares how she has grown from sharing videos of mermaid swimming, supplies, and tips to expanding her mermaid business through Canada and into the US through Youtube.

In this episode, we dive in (pun totally intended) with Marielle to learn from her journey, mistakes and amazing advice for growth and sustainability. Marielle shares how Youtube has allowed her to expand into new countries and set her on a path to making mermaid a recognized sport!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast topi intro

04:08 – Meet Marielle

05:00 – Mermaid life

07:00 – Marielle’s journey

08:30 – The challenges

12:37 – The mermaid business

17:25 – What’s next for the mermaids

18:54 – The female challenges

22:40 – Where to start for success

27:10 – How to keep going and get traction

28:25 – Rapid fire fun

33:20 – Where you can find Marielle

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