075: Jessica Stansberry – Succeeding Beyond the Competition

075: Jessica Stansberry - Succeeding Beyond the Competition

Jessica Stansberry is one of my all time favorite human beings in the whole world. She is so authentic and such a badass. Jessica helps her audience grow a killer business with residual income no matter what they do or where they are. We met by sharing an Uber at an event and the rest is history!

In this episode, we dive in with Jessica to learn from her massive amounts of knowledge! Jessica shares how she just hit over one hundred thousand subscribers, what has changed her YouTube life forever, and what you need to do to see massive success with your channel!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast Topic Intro

06:05 – Meet Jessica

06:48 – Jessica’s beginning on Youtube

08:25 – Beginning, middle, and now on Youtube

11:51 – Jessica’s ‘1 to Many’ model

18:40 – Success with various types of channels

22:10 – How to find the keywords that get you noticed

30:01 – Understanding your audience

42:35 – Discussing the Dude-Tubers

51:02 – Building relationships

1:03:30 – Where you can find Jessica and conclusion


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