074: Holly Lee – Give Your Audience Exactly What They Want

074: Holly Lee - Give Your Audience Exactly What They Want

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Holly Lee is a stellar human doing big things on Youtube. She is a single mom rocking her Youtube channel and helping others. Holly has worked hard to know exactly what her audience is looking for and providing exactly what they need. Holly is an ex-Amazon recruiter and has taken her expertise and wit to YouTube.

In this episode, we dive in with Holly to learn from and discuss her unique journey! Holly shares how to understand and target key endorsements and partnerships. She does all her creating with kids at home, and even sometimes barging into her livestream. Holly is a hilarious wealth of knowledge that I can’t wait to share with you!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast Topic Intro

05:10 – Meet Holly Lee

06:40 – Holly’s tough beginning on Youtube

09:30 – How to grow live streaming on Youtube

13:44 – How to live stream with kids at home

22:22 – How Holly is a unique creator

27:10 – Being successful with live streaming

32:10 – The advantage of live stream

34:51 – Rapid fire fun

40:15 – Where you can find Holly Lee

40:30 – Conclusion

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