072: Erika Vieira – Secrets to Being a Better Youtuber

Erika Vieira - Secrets to Being a Better Youtuber

Erika Vieira started her youtube journey after years of sales and marketing and owning her own clothing line! After interviewing several youtube celebrities at vidcon, Erika decided to start a youtube focused podcast to share inspiring youtube stories! This podcast is brought to you in partnership with vidIQ, the top-rated growth tool for YouTube creators. Erika joined the YouTube community and started podcasting! She quickly grew and was able to turn her experience and lessons learned from other creatives, into her own coaching business!

In this episode we dive in with Erika to learn from and discuss her unique journey here on youtube! From learning to how to be a better youtuber, business owner, video creator, and much more! Erika has interviewed more than 300 women youtubers and offers incredible insight in this interview! This episode is filled to the brim with insider information and encouragement to women of all ages who are looking to grow a YouTube channel!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Podcast Topic Intro

03:07 – Meet Erika

07:48 – Turning Youtube Knowledge into a Coaching Business

11:42 – Filling a Woman Shaped Hole on YouTube 

15:06 – How Beauty/Lifestyle Creators Can Hit YouTube Milestones

27:53 – How to Know What Videos to Make in Beauty/Lifestyle

28:50 – Finding the Deeper “why”

34:10 – YouTube is not the Problem

37:20 – Why Do People Struggle to Get Started

46:26 – Where to Find Erika online

47:04 – Conclusion

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