070: Frederique Bros – Love Yourself into Success

Frederique Bros - Love Yourself into Success

Frederique hosts a  successful YouTube channel dedicated to life and health and beauty! She gave her youtube journey six months to see if she found it to be a good fit and the rest was history! She grew quickly and learned to hone in on her own unique niche!


In this episode we dive in with Frederique to learn from and discuss her unique journey here on youtube! From handling hateful, racist, sexist comments, to the shift from traditional career to Youtube creator, to paying rent with the Youtube platform… this episode is filled to the brim with insider information and encouragement to women of all ages who are looking to grow a YouTube channel!

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Time Stamps:


00:00 – Podcast Topic Intro

08:02 – Meet Frederique

11:03 – Learning Curve

14:00 – Frederiques Channel

19:38 – Business to YouTube

25:00 – Making Money on YouTube

33:50 – YouTube is a Job

35:37 – Struggles of Being a Woman Creator

41:34 – Women Who Inspire Frederique

44:07 – Advice for Women Creators

46:25 – Secret Growth Tip

49:32 – Concluding thoughts

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