069: Jessica Hatch – YouTube Shorts

069: Jessica Hatch - YouTube Shorts

Jessica Hatch has several massively successful YouTube channels dedicated to life with her dogs! When YouTube created its new sub-platform “Shorts” Jess jumped on the opportunity. In just a couple of months her Shorts channel has blown up by tens of thousands of subscribers! In this episode she shares with us here insider perspective on content creation after having been creating for over a decade on YouTube!

In this episode we dive in with Jess to learn and discuss everything YouTube Shorts! YouTube Shorts was created as YouTubes response to Tik Tok. In this episode we talk about everything from the Shorts algorithm, to making Shorts content a part of your other content creation process, to experimenting, to tips and tricks to stay organized when creating content for different platforms! This episode is filled to the brim with insider information and encouragement to women of all ages who are looking to grow a YouTube channel!

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Time Stamps:


00:00 – Podcast Topic Intro

02:48 – What Are YouTube Shorts

05:45 – Repurposing Content

08:08 – Shorts are Designed for Mobile

10:44 – Creating a Separate Channel for Shorts

16:52 – Barrier to Entry for Shorts

18:00 – Difference Between YouTube Stories and Shorts

19:24 – Videocraft Podcast Commercial

21:18 – Why Should You Do Shorts

23:15 – Time Management + Prioritizing Shorts

26:34 – Why is YouTube Getting Into Shorts


30:38 – How Does Shorts Help Your Main Channel + Monetized Shorts

32:24 – Using Shorts as BTS

33:16 – Experiment with Shorts

34:56 – Making a Checklist to Stay Organized

36:50 – Reviewing the Tips and Information

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