066: Latoya Ebony – Natural is Beautiful

Latoya Ebony - Natural is Beautiful

Latoya has a successful beauty youtube channel and makes videos for women with curly hair! After deciding to “go natural” she decided to share her journey with others on youtube with the hope of inspiring some fellow women! Her skills sets and career have spanned so many niches and genres, but one thing is consistent… Latoya has a heart to inspire and empower individuals to feel beautiful in how they are NATURALLY! She brings some amazing insight to aspiring youtubers as well as some practical advice!

In this episode we dive in with Latoya to discuss several hot topics! From beginning a youtube career, to acting, to finding direction and a unique voice in a saturated niche. This episode is filled to the brim with insider information and encouragement to women of all ages who are looking to grow a YouTube channel!

Latoyas 1st Video: https://youtu.be/6hZ1vEPCV2Y

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