063: Betty Trevino – Bilingual Fitness & DIY Social Media

EP064: Desiree Martinez - 2020 A Year End Review

Betty started her YouTube career by vlogging as a new mom! This eventually transitioned into creating fitness videos for new moms! Now Betty is a bilingual creator and that specific skill set combined with so many questions and comments from her viewers, led her to create a 2nd YouTube channel that teaches how to use social media! Her target audience is new mothers and she is incredibly passionate about learning and teaching!

In this episode we dive in with Betty to discuss several hot topics. From overcoming language barriers, to being a creator with young children, to working with Google AdSense as a small creator, to learning and improving on something new every day! This episode is filled to the brim with insider information and encouragement to women of all ages who are looking to grow a YouTube channel!

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